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Christopher started playing organized soccer at the age of four and has been playing or coaching ever since. Being a father of four daughters he passed his love of the game onto each of them. As they grew up, he coached them until they joined competitive clubs. Once the youngest grew up and moved on to competitive soccer, his love of coaching still lingered. He currently has a D license. Christopher has been coaching with SD Force FC since 2017.

In his first full year with the club, he won Coach of the Year. Having won many local tournaments with different teams, a highlight of note was coaching the 2013 boys through an undefeated season and a league title in 2022.

Christopher believes that in order for a player to become a successful athlete, the journey requires skill, hard work, dedication and the right support system. Together, Force FC and Christopher are creating an environment that addresses these unique needs and empowers players to perform at their best.

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