San Diego Force FC

Jerome Gilson

In 2015, I brought my experience in competitive European soccer to San Diego Force FC.

As a player who grew up in Belgium, I was playing from BU10 to BU16 for clubs like Standard de Liege, FC Liege, and Ciney. At the age of 16, I was pulled to the adult league. All those clubs still play professionally in the Belgium League. I played State selection from BU10 to BU14 and participated in a lot of great tournaments in Europe.

Belgium is still one of the smallest countries in the world, yet they are leading the FIFA world ranking.

The only reason Belgium is doing so good is because of the quality of the youth soccer academy and the expertise of those coaches. Now it’s time for me to share my experience with the young kids. I currently have my “C” License.

Currently, playing in the 4S Adult Soccer League allows me to continue playing with my friends and having a lot of fun.  As a passionate player, it gives me joy to share it with the youngest.

I have played all my career as a center midfield, defensive and offensive, this experience enables me to quickly evaluate a player and find the place where they best fit on the field.

Having started to coach in the U.S in the last couple of years, I have already followed the Cal South Education and succeed to get the F, E, D, & C licenses. My goal is to add on how Americans coach and on how Europeans coach soccer to be more well-rounded as a coach.