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Wait we have new uniforms??

San Diego Force FC is very excited to have a new brand sponsor Adidas.  Perfect timing as the club’s uniform cycle is every 2 years. For the 2024-2025 season, everyone is required to buy the new kit and these will last TWO seasons–thru the 2026 season (Fall 24/Spring 25 & Fall 25/Spring 26)

How do I buy my sons/daugthers uniform?

This year the club has partnered with soccer.com and every player will receive a personalized email invitation to purchase their new uniform. Below is a sample email invitation example.

What do the new uniforms look like?

General Questions


Adidas provided 9 sock size samples you saw during sample nights. Soccer.com does not carry inventory of all 9 sock sizes for custom uniform orders. We are working to change that going forward.

As you can see from the store, at this time only adult sock sizes are available.  The club has ordered youth sizes KL, KXL, KXXL.

If your son/daughter tried on socks and is smaller than a XS (we expect all 2015 teams and younger), please order the XS now and contact your team manager. We will proactively be working with the younger teams to ensure everyone has socks that fit!

For reference my son wears a size 4 (B15) and my daughter wears a size 1.5 (G16) and they both fit perfectly into the KXL sock. 

OCT Pink Jerseys

This applies to any team that will be participating in OCT breast cancer awareness.

The PINK jerseys are in the “recommended” section of the team store. We have options for pink jerseys as well as pink socks (yes, I realize the pinks don’t match. No, we can’t do anything about it). Teams can mix and match as they please. (see uniform kit above)

Please do not wait until July / August to purchase. soccer.com will not guarantee inventory.

If your team is going to wear the jersey, buy it now!

You don’t want to be the only player on the team that waited too long and missed out.

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