The ultimate youth (2014-2005) and adult 3v3 soccer tournament in Southern California.

This is an opportunity to compete in small sided games in a fun event for both adults and kids. Clásico doesn’t require a licensed coach, so parents can step up and coach the teams, and olders can participate without a coach.  There will be various contests, prizes and giveaways throughout the day.  This event is open to all soccer players in San Diego area!

Participants are allowed to create their own teams (max 5) to compete to win. Each team is guaranteed 3 games.  Prizes will be given to the team with the best name and uniform voted by their peers.

The Winter Clásico will take place exclusively at Design 39 Campus.

There will be music, vendors with holiday treats and special attractions between games. What a way to start the holiday season with a unique fun soccer experience – our 2nd Annual Winter Clásico.

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